This isn't just another fitness tracker, this is THE fitness tracker. With 99.4% accuracy, it gives you live feedback of how hard you are working and without complex formulas or convertors. Simple use the colors of the rainbow to help yourself stay motivated and in the zone that best suits your move goals! It's not just for runners, bikers and other cardio fans. It's great for weight & power lifting (track that recovery zone) as well as seeing if you are keeping your zen while you practice yoga! Plus if you are like me, you like it all and it's one tracker that TRACKS IT ALL! 

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Not only is it a great live tracking device but it creates a virtual log book of all your move sessions. Gives you a summary of data and allows you to CONNECT with other members, CELEBRATE your progress, and CONQUER your set goals with or without a coach. 

Ready to buy your belt and join the Virtual fitness club? Enrollment is limited and only opens 2x a year so make sure you are on my "circle of trust" list and get your joiner link. Just scroll down to the footer of the page and enter your email!

Open enrollment dates are Feb 1 - 15 and  Aug 1- 15th. 

It's $99 with your exclusive member deal (retail is $150) plus you get to be part of an awesome community.

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