The One with the Why

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Why are you here? Why do you want this? It’s where it all begins.

Fairly recently Alex called up Sandy, asking her to indulge in a crazy idea to start a podcast. She knew this could be a good idea for business and personal growth but didn’t want to do another project by herself nor did she have the courage to talk about these TMI topics alone the way she really wanted to. Enter Sandy who is much more comfortable talking about these topics. Alex came to Sandy as a client, mom of three, wanting to rid herself of the belly pooch after pregnancy. Alex was in and out of classes with Sandy for a few years and finally came to the realization that she could not do this on her own, she needed some support and guidance. Thinking you can bounce back by yourself and seeing that it’s not working can be a harsh reality to face.

In class, Sandy told a group of 50+ men and women to do a kegel by imagining they were sucking up a milkshake with their pelvic floor – quite the visual! She said the magic word, kegel, it’s not a bad word but people hate to hear it. They trained together, Sandy peeled back the layers of Alex’s discomfort and challenged her mentally and physically to find strength and confidence and reach her goals. It’s a few simple cues but it’s not easy, it’s constant practicing but it can change your life. Alex needed more and could not sit with the knowledge that she could help so many other women. This is her why.

Sandy wants you to trust the process and the journey, be uncomfortable not knowing what will happen. Sandy’s why is that she gets uncomfortable. She lives in her comfort zone of people that know her and she can feel awkward, and doesn’t like making strangers uncomfortable. That is where we grow as moms, women, individuals, humans – knowing, accepting, and pushing past this.

This podcast made her think that no matter whether people like this it or not, there is so much bullshit out there for women and she wanted to share evidence and dig deeper in so many facets. She has had so many questions come to her from women over the years that she can address using this platform. She came from a very Catholic, Hispanic family where you do not talk about these things – sex, kegels, pooping, depression, all these things that she had to figure out on her own. She wants to help others figure it all out, that is her why. She hopes that women and men can listen, anyone with their significant other, and have a safe space for conversation.

Start with us and keep it going, keep getting more people comfortably uncomfortable because that’s how we are going to do better as people. 80% of people will stop their goal by February – Sandy is a believer it’s because they don’t have their true, gritty, uncomfortable why attached to it. Stella, Sandy’s 5 year old tried to teach her that practice makes perfect. She tells her that practice actually makes progress. It’s fascinating to think how she has been conditioned to think about perfect. Start using "practice makes progress" with yourself and your kids.

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