The one with the SUGAR

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#cusugar​ show us your sugar! own it, claim it, don’t bring shame to it. Is sugar good? Is sugar bad? We want to put it into categories of good or bad but it’s a loaded question.

We want to categorize it as bad or good and talking about sugar with our kids, they need to associate it but we also don’t give them enough credit to understand what sugar is good and what sugar is bad. If you don’t have glucose, your body doesn’t work. Sugar in fruit is a hot topic - many diets will tell you that there is too much sugar in fruit and to avoid it. Alex’s bad relationship with fruit sugars began when she wanted to lose her freshman 15 in college and did South Beach which eliminates fruit from your diet and got used to not eating it. The sugar in the fruit is not bad, it is critical to your health. In a recent metabolic reset she did, Alex had to eat a lot of fruit and was really uncomfortable with it. Take a look at your relationship with sugar and the emotional attachment.

Your body is processing and using sugar. When you consume too much and don’t use it, you have a problem. It’s not that one is good and one is bad. In fruit there are vitamins and minerals, so much more than just sugar. Number one question when clients come to Sandy for nutrition advice is “are you going to take away my wine and chocolate” - hell no! Have it, enjoy it, but let’s talk about your relationship with it. That’s the most important thing, your relationship with it.

When dealing with kids, moving them towards natural sugars that also provide the nutrients in whole foods found in nature, not just the processed sugar. We don’t have to get away from sugar, we need to move towards whole foods. One strategy that works for Sandy with kids is to say, sure you can have the lollipop but let’s eat the real food first. Saying yes, sure they can have it instead of “no it’s bad for you” may actually end up limiting your intake better. It’s not forbidden - that goes for adults too.

Incremental wins and progress and finding what works for you on your worst day is what is going to work for you. You need to be able to keep it up, not be depleted and strict. If you would rather have a glass of wine at the end of the night and not the apple, let’s talk about why and own it. Your body will intake those sugars the exact same way, you are just moving away from the nutrients that are in the food. An all or nothing approach is not going to get you where you want to go. The balancing act is so important, allowing it in to your life, moving towards your goals and habits. Own your why.

This is not medical advice, it is only opinion. Please consult a medical professional to discuss proper nutrition and diets. SHOW LESS