The one with the POOP

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Challenge: talk about your poop

We start with digging into why this is such an uncomfortable topic, is it just ingrained in us at a young age that “girls don’t poop”? Sandy tells a hilarious story about they guy she is dating and asking him if he was pooping and how he got so uncomfortable being asked.

There is a double standard of this human thing that men can joke about and its unlady-like for girls and women to talk about it.

As a health professional you need to talk about your poop as a part of your health. A lot of the time the belly pooch or not being able to get rid of the baby belly can be an issue of your gut, not just the muscles and fat.

Talking about poop with the kids gets you a little more comfortable with the topic. It’s so important to get to know your poop. Precision Nutrition is the curriculum that Sandy uses for Nutrition Counseling with her clients and they have a graphic showing the 7 types of poop.

There are some real red flags that you can find if you see a change in your bowel. It can help with early intervention with serious illness.

You want smooth sausage shaped poop and not overly hard or runny. Some of the detoxes or cleanses may cause the watery poop which is so bad for you. Be aware of the crazy diets really impact you and can make things not work properly.

Fiber is part of the equation, helping to go down your GI Tract. So is proper hydration and exercise. Drinking water, consuming my water rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Over working or being stagnant can have serious negative consequences.

The other thing is that your poop should not smell terrible and it should not take forever to use the bathroom. If either of those things are happening you should see a nutritionist. Men seem to have gotten the green light to spend so long in the bathroom but being an efficient pooper means that everything is actually functioning properly. Stress and exercise can also have a huge impact. It’s all one big system. Overtraining or under training can drastically affect your bowel and may change your gut health. There are a lot of irritants to be aware of and consider.

Another poop that many women experience is the first one postpartum. Dehydration and pelvic floor trauma can make this one painful and take a long time but doctors want to make sure you have had a bowel movement before they release you home, it’s a sign of health!