The one with the Hacks

Challenge: instead of finding the quick fix or shortcut, look at how you can integrate things into your life so you can simplify and keep you moving forward for the long game. #cuhacks#cupod

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When you hear the word hack or life hack what is the first thing that comes to mind? Alex thinks of tricks and tools that you can integrate into your life, make your life a little bit easier. For Sandy, she thinks of short cuts, loop holes or quick fixes. The idea of the short game versus the long game. It doesn’t have to be a shortcut, it can be to SIMPLIFY.

The intention behind Alex’s 12-minute Tabata is not what Sandy typically considers a hack, it’s more like, ok you only have 10 minutes, give me those 10 minutes and do something for yourself. No false promises like a 6 pack in 10 minutes but Alex does promise you will feel more energized but it’s a long game to integrate healthy habits.

First simplify, hack, is breathing. Properly breathing in to your diaphragm, pelvic floor and core will naturally strengthen your entire core and it will feel like a shortcut because you are gaining muscle strength with every breathe. It’s an integration, that long term creates the end goal or outcome.

Rather than a shortcut to an evening routine like blue light glasses if you want to be on your phone or a screen, instead integrate a new routine or giving yourself 30 minutes without a screen right before bedtime.

Let’s talk about caffeine, is that a hack. Over consuming to get through the day is a short-term solution when needed. Integrating healthier habits and

Meal Prep: for Sandy this is not a hack that works. On your worst day, you need to be able to accomplish these tasks. One simplified meal prep idea that works for Alex is large portions of broccoli, rice and chicken to have on hand and readily available all week. For Sandy, if she was already cooking, can she throw something else in at the same time to create a meal for the next day? Integrating in to what she was already doing. See what you are already doing and how you can simplify and integrate.

Is this a shortcut? Or simplifying my morning: 3 bowls of cereal and 3 cups of milk in the fridge so they can make their own breakfast in the morning. A 5 minute daily action.

Look for After Baby Fit TABATA’s on YouTube

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