The one with the DATA

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Challenge: #cudata​ find data that serves your why and your purpose or let data go that isn’t serving you. Or give yourself a break if the numbers aren’t working for you.

Sandy had promised clients that she would track her weight every day for one month and we are going to chat about what she learned on that journey today.

We attach ourselves to data, especially weight and concern ourselves with those numbers. When Sandy tells people their weight, they are always surprised and think it’s heavier than she should be. Or has been considered overweight even though she has been incredibly active and healthy. So she put the scale away and decided to bring it out for this experiment.

So what did Sandy think day 1 when she got on the scale. When she saw 164.6 on the scale she was shocked and it really hit her hard. Even though she has worked for years to eliminate the feelings that come with weighing yourself for clients, it was impactful. This is not something she will continue doing, the emotional toll is too much and she will no longer recommend it to clients either.

Changing the practice in talking to clients. What tailored information do you want to know about yourself? Sandy is going to keep up with a poop journal and encourage her clients to do the same. That information was more valuable and she could learn from it rather than the number on the scale that could change by a few pounds for no specific reason.

When Alex reached for a specific number postpartum, she got there but it was completely unsatisfying. When she started training and learning the movement changes she needed to make she lost inches and stayed the exact same weight. Her journey reminds people that someone else’s transformation story should inspire but never be a goal, everyone has their own path to follow.

You will get to a point where if you are successful in losing weight, they don’t know how to use the scale. It’s important to learn what data is serving you best as it relates to your goals. Data can then create labels and if one of your labels is not serving you, then you need to pivot and find something else.

Pictures can serve a purpose maybe more than the scale, and it’s amazing to see confidence in an after picture, not weight loss. The before and after of who you have become and loving yourself through the journey. What data serves you in this season of life?