The one with the Cardio

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When a client says she doesn’t want to lift weights because she is afraid she is going to get too bulky, Sandy’s response is, ok, well are you afraid you are going to become a NASCAR driver because you drive?

We always think in the extreme, we think if we start lifting weights we are going to start looking like body builders but you won’t – body building is a science. There is a time and a place for both cardio and weight lifting. It really matters what your intention and goals are and the best course of action is to integrate both in to your life.

Cardio is the basis for heart health, and trains the heart to efficiently pump oxygen throughout the body. When it comes to a goal of weight loss, significant cardio is not necessarily the golden ticket. When adding weight training, maybe you will actually like it better, or it might suit your body better. Heavy weight training can be an amazing vehicle for losing weight. It can be an empowering feeling to pulling weight off the ground.

Lowing weight vs fat. In weight training you are building muscle mass and may gain weight but your size is different. Moving away from the idea of losing weight and integrate new concepts in to your training to make yourself feel better and more confident.

Recovery from these intense activities is an important piece to integrate in to your practice. Again, it’s all about finding the balance in your training. Not to burn out by over training or doing nothing. What can you accomplish on your worst day? Find something that makes you happy and try new things. Cardio is amazing, should be part of everyone’s protocol. Get out there run, walk, bike, swim, tennis, anything that will get your cardiovascular fitness. Don’t live and die by it.