The one with the Boobs

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No agenda today, just here to kind of bitch about our boobs. We give thanks for our bodies being able to do things like breastfeeding but all have gripes with how they have changed, especially after babies. During and after pregnancy – the number of bras and the types you need is crazy!

You get in to interesting situations breastfeeding. There are times when it feels inappropriate to have boobs out but why? And is it still like that? We need to feed our babies but it feels over sexualized and you may be made to feel uncomfortable. 4th Trimester or breastfeeding time create a need for an entire new wardrobe, no shirt fits. It’s something that no one really seems to prepare you for. And when breastfeeding with twins your body produces enough milk for two children which exacerbates that issue even more.

Lactation consultants are amazing people and a recommendation we have for all new moms because they can provide amazing support. If you are struggling with breastfeeding – cracked nipples, bleeding, pain – you may need to give yourself a rest. Allow yourself the ability to heal. And buying a nursing bra can be a serious struggle – it is expensive and hard to find one that fits but so important.

Whether you want to show them off or you are more comfortable keeping them concealed they are their own beast and there is so much damn emotion and reaction attached to them! We had fun with this one today, reach out and tell us why you love or hate your boobs! #cuboobs#cupod

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