"Adulting" is hard... Chair yoga to the Rescue

Looking into the those big blue toddler eyes as I tell her "...sit on your bottom," I see what my mom saw in me 29 years ago. That sassy, mischievous look of "sorry mama, I'm not meant to sit still." We are creatures of movement from day one (man was she a kicker in the womb) but in the adult world, screaming "Ahhhhhhh!" and running away doesn't get the same response as it does for a toddler (I've only done it once in college and let's just say my professor did not find it cute!).

To make it through "adulting" a work day, multiple layovers or the black hole of waiting rooms, I have found the answer in keeping my sanity and saving money (from the multiple massages I would have needed). The answer - CHAIR YOGA!

Chair yoga has gotten the "silver hair" yoga reputation, but personally I find it as a quick, efficient way to help me distress, re energize, and refocus! It's great for all ages: 2 to 92 (even the kids will think its fun, as you can see my little is very intrigued) . I hope my favorite 8 asanas (poses) help get you through that next work, travel or "just one of those" days with a little more tranquility.

Hey managers, offer this as a break for those long meetings and be the best boss EVER! Bonus: it's a great team building activity that is safe and fun for everyone. Plus it's different from the same ole "tell me something interesting about yourself?"

Here is guided video of this chair yoga practice, for more ideas go to my youtube channel, Seitz Fitness & Wellness.

* Poses that can be done safely in a skirt, dress, or pants!

Chair Flow/ Vinyasa*

  • Beginning in mountain pose,

  • Sitting away from the back of the chair, feet flat on the floor (yup kick of those heels ladies),

  • Drawing the shoulders towards the ears as we inhale then sliding them down the spine as we exhale.

  • Inhale side swiping the arms up over head,

  • Exhaling swan diving down (hinging at the hip) bringing your chest towards your legs allowing your arms to fall to your side and releasing your head down into forward fold,

  • Inhaling half lift/ monkey by lengthening the spine and lifting slightly away while engaging your core muscles,

  • Exhale releasing back down to forward fold,

  • Inhaling through half lift and reversing your swan dive all the way back up,

  • Meeting back in seated mountain.

Chair Camel/ Open Hear*

Baby is optional!

  • Beginning in mountain pose,

  • Exhale reaching behind for the chair (base, back, or hands on the hips),

  • Inhale drawing your elbows towards each other,

  • Exhale lifting your heart towards the sky

  • Taking 3-5 breaths, close the eyes and enjoy.

Chair Spinal Twist*

  • Beginning in side mountain pose,

  • Inhale twisting towards the back of the chair,

  • Exhale gripping the chair deepening your stretch if you choose.

  • Taking 3-5 breaths, closing the eyes wringing out stiffness and tension.

Chair Crescent Moon

  • Beginning in side mountain pose,

  • Inhale swinging your outside shine down towards the floor,

  • Exhale pressing the ball of your foot into the ground while reaching the outside arm to the sky,

  • Inhaling encouraging your spine to lengthen while keeping shoulders away from the ears,

  • Taking 3-5 breaths, closing the eyes encouraging the hips open and lengthening the quad.

Chair Down Dog

  • Beginning in standing mountain pose, behind the chair,

  • Inhaling and grabbing the back,

  • Exhaling as steps are taken away from the chair,

  • Bringing your chest towards the floor and hips to the back,

  • Exhaling grounding the heels and bending the knees slightly increasing the stretch sensation,

  • Taking 3-5 breaths, enjoying the full body stretch

Chair Half Splits/ Hamstring*

  • Beginning in seated mountain,

  • Inhale lengthening one leg and hinging the hips slightly,

  • Exhaling the extended legs toes towards the sky,

  • Taking 3-5 breaths before switching sides.

Chair Pigeon

  • Beginning in seated mountain,

  • Inhale lifting one knee towards the chest,

  • Exhaling while crossing the ankle over knee allowing the hip to open,

  • Taking 3-5 breaths reaching the crown of the head towards the sky while encouraging the crossed knee towards the floor (without adding external pressure).

  • Switching sides and repeat.

Chair Savasana*

  • Beginning in seated mountain,

  • Inhaling, reaching the crown of the head towards the sky,

  • Exhaling bringing the chin towards the R, inhaling center, exhaling L

  • Inhaling center, exhaling dropping the chin towards the chest

  • Inhaling center

  • Taking 3- 5 breaths re energizing and refocusing for your day!

Namaste, friends and I hope you enjoyed.

Here is guided video of this chair yoga practice, for more ideas go to my youtube channel, Seitz Fitness & Wellness.