Phase 2: Strength

PFA's & Balloon Breathing, 

Now that you have a strong foundation it is time to increase that strength and intensity.

PFA's: Pelvic Floor Activation

Watch these two video's to relearn (or learn for the first time) how to activate all four areas of your pelvic floor. Yes it is much more than your average kegel. Also, you never knew blowing up a balloon would be so much work. 

"I didn't realize this is what I needed. My mommy pouch is finally gone, thank you Sandy for showing me it wasn't fat!" -Alex 

Monthly Classes & Suggested Calendar 

Check out how adding a balloon, bands or weights (even in the form of a backpack or laundry basket) can transform your strength and intensity. 

Equipment Needed: Balloon, Loop Bands, small weights/ water bottles, heavy back pack & loaded laundry basket 


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