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Let me be your coach and let's evolve together! I believe in the ones starting over, beginners, the underdogs, those that don't see it in themselves! xoxo



Student Physical Therapist/ Coach

I have been passionate about healthy lifestyle coaching for over 15 years now. It began with spreading the love of movement (retired competitive gymnast) and has evolved to offering a guiding hand to living well physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Spending most of my career in the clinical setting (pulmonary/ cardiac rehab, oncology, endocrine, women's health) as an exercise physiologist and have specialized in weight and chronic disease management as well as postpartum/ pelvic floor dysfunction.

My focus is to educate, encourage, and support clients in finding fulfillment in each stride/ achievement of their health story. Health/ wellbeing is multidimensional and for lasting health we all deserve a coach that values each dimension equally! As a trauma survivor myself,  I offer a unique perspective, coaching and empathy to all my clients. They aren't clients really, they are family!  Together we co-create a plan that is adaptable, dynamic and perfect for you and your current season of life.

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